The Future of Automated Legal Drafting

Being a lawyer has never been harder. With the challenges of the modern legal landscape, DocDraft introduces the future of Automated Legal Drafting. Embrace our legal document automation and give lawyers a 30-hour day, transforming the traditional drafting process.
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Automated Legal Drafting steps with DocDraft
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Reduce Drafting Time by up to 90% with our Automated Drafting Solution.
Being a talented lawyer isn't enough anymore. With 40% of attorney time spent on drafting, DocDraft's AI legal drafting tool empowers you. Our AI-driven Legal Drafting solution reduces the drafting process by up to 90%, allowing you to produce custom drafts in minutes.
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Reduce drafting time by up to 90%
Reduce drafting time by up to
Reduce Drafting time by up to 90%
How Automated Legal Drafting Works?

Discover how Automated Legal Drafting transforms your workflow.

We'll do the drafting so that you don't have to. Save time, reduce errors, and empower your legal teams like never before.

Seamless Document Input Process

Begin your legal journey with our cutting-edge AI technology, which allows you to upload two sample legal documents. This ensures a thorough understanding of your legal requirements, paving the way for the future of automated legal drafting.

Effortless Access to Client Information:

Say goodbye to the days of searching through countless files. Simply upload your client's data and witness our AI seamlessly integrate it into the draft.
Answer AI-Generated Question Set for Customized Legal Drafts
Review Your Legal Document and Finalize

Real-time AI-Powered Legal Drafting:

Revolutionize your drafting experience with real-time suggestions, AI-generated queries, and the flexibility to make edits on the fly. Empowered by a tool that is both adaptive and innovative, you have everything you need to complete bespoke, high-quality drafts in minutes.
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Frequently Asked Questions on Automated Legal Drafting

Everything you need to know about how we reduce your time by 90%

How does DocDraft ensure the accuracy of the AI generated legal documents, and does it hallucinate?

Is my client’s confidential information secure on the DocDraft platform, and how do you handle data encryption?

Can I use DocDraft for various types of legal documents?

Which documents are compatible with DocDraft, and how long does it take to get started?

How much does DocDraft cost to use?

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