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Top 10 AI Tools for Lawyers
Taher Hassonjee
July 8, 2024
Top 10 AI Tools for Lawyers

AI Tools in Legal Space- Top 10 AI Tools for Lawyers 

Top-tier lawyers are always seeking ways to keep their firms competitive, and integrating new legal AI technology is an excellent method to systematize their practice and enhance client services by boosting productivity and profitability for law firms.

With AI, lawyers can automate and refine processes. It simplifies tasks like legal research, enabling you to analyze more data than ever before. Applying legal AI tools to your case materials can reveal valuable insights that would take a human hours or even days to discover. Keeping up with the latest AI-powered tools for legal professionals can be challenging, so we have compiled a list to help you find the right ones. 

Here are the Top 10 best AI tools worth exploring for you. They all offer different services and pricings according to people’s needs. Service wise, it ranges from drafting service, due diligence review to legal research. On the pricing side, most of them are in the subscription model from $49 to over $350, except for DocDraft charging by document at $9.99.

1. DocDraft

DocDraft is an AI-powered legal assistant designed to automate the drafting and review of legal documents, empowering attorneys to accelerate practice growth and maximize efficiency. DocDraft specializes in drafting complex legal documents in minutes, analyzing legal data for your draft and streamlining your workflow. The platform is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making it accessible for legal professionals with varying levels of technical expertise. 

In addition, DocDraft helps connect attorneys with qualified clients seeking legal expertise in the marketplace. By joining the network, the platform helps attorneys receive a steady stream of document review work and grow their practices without additional marketing efforts. 

For those focusing on delivering exceptional legal services, DocDraft helps you grow your practice and revenue. DocDraft charges $4.99 per document analysis and $9.99 per document draft. If you are looking for affordable pricing for drafting service, DocDraft would be your best choice since you don’t have to commit one-year contracts.

2. Casetext: 

Casetext is a legal research platform that uses AI to help lawyers find relevant case law, statutes, and regulations quickly and efficiently. Casetext has been around since 2013, applying cutting-edge AI to the law to create solutions that enable attorneys to provide higher-quality representation to more clients, enhance efficiency and accuracy, and gain a competitive advantage.

While Casetext is primarily focused on legal research with AI functionalities available in their subscription model starting at $110 per month, DocDraft offers a broader range of document drafting and analysis services, making it a more versatile tool for everyday legal practice needs.

3. CoCounsel:

CoCounsel is an AI-powered legal assistant developed by Casetext in partnership with OpenAI. Casetext claims that CoCounsel can write and comprehend at a postgraduate level. Casetext also says that CoCounsel goes far beyond legal research.

In addition, the tool can help with reviewing documents, searching databases to discover relevant information, preparing for trial, summarizing findings, laying out the basics for a legal memo and verifying contract data and compliance through document analysis

Coucounsel, priced at $250/month per attorney, offers extensive functionalities but at a higher cost. DocDraft provides specialized document drafting and client connection services at a fraction of the price offering excellent value without requiring a high subscription fee.

4. Harvey AI:

Using a mix of different types of AI, Harvey AI is an AI-powered legal research tool that’s touted as “unprecedented legal AI.” Similar to the AI bot ChatGPT, Harvey AI is built on a version of OpenAI’s GPT AI, while also using general legal data (like case law) and a law firm’s own work products and templates to specifically support legal work. 

Harvey AI assists firms with tasks like contract analysis, due diligence, litigation, and regulatory compliance, while also helping to generate data-based insights, recommendations, and predictions.

Harvey AI’s custom pricing can vary significantly based on firm size and needs, while DocDraft’s clear and predictable per document pricing offers a straightforward and budget-friendly option for smaller firms or individual practitioners looking for cost effective solutions.

5. Lexis AI: 

Offered by LexisNexis, this AI tool is capable of answering legal questions with citations and can even generate memos based on the responses. 

Lexis+ AI aims to streamline legal research, improve document drafting efficiency, and provide data-driven insights to legal professionals. It's designed to work within existing legal workflows, integrating with tools like Microsoft Word to enhance productivity without requiring users to switch between multiple platforms. 

Lexis AI’s subscription model costs around $400 per month, which may be prohibitive for some smaller practices. DocDraft’s per document pricing model provides a more accessible alternative for those who need high-quality document drafting without the steep monthly fees.

6. Law.co:

Law.co is an AI-powered legal technology company offering a suite of tools and services for legal professionals. By integrating these AI-driven tools and services, Law.co aims to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and productivity of legal professionals in various aspects of their work, from research and document drafting to contract analysis and case preparation.

Law.co’s subscription plans, ranging from $49 to $99 per month provide limited daily access to services. In contrast, DocDraft’s pay-per-document model ensures you only pay for what you use, making it ideal for those with fluctuating document needs.

7. Diligen:

Diligen is an AI-powered contract analysis software designed to help law firms and legal departments review contracts more efficiently and accurately. Using Diligen’s machine learning-powered analysis, you can conduct due diligence to review contracts for specific clauses, provisions, or changes and quickly output a convenient summary. 

Starting at $350 per month, Dilligen focuses on contract analysis, while DocDraft offers a broader scope including document drafting and client acquisition services at a lower cost, providing more comprehensive support for legal practices.

8. Gavel.io:

Gavel.io is positioning itself as a comprehensive automation infrastructure for the legal industry, aiming to help lawyers streamline their practices, save time, and potentially create new service offerings through technology.

Gavel.io offers document automation and workflow solutions for legal professionals. It allows users to create automated workflows that generate legal documents based on user inputs. Users can build complex legal workflows with conditional logic, calculations, and formatting specifications without coding knowledge.

The pricing ranges from $99 to $350 per month according to the needs of users. Gavel.i0’s pricing ranges from $99 to $350 per month, making it a significant investment. DocDraft’s lower, per-document pricing structure allows for greater flexibility and affordability, particularly for smaller firms or individual attorneys.

9. Gideon:

Gideon is a client intake and document automation tool that learns how to answer prospect questions and qualify leads effectively for a more-effective intake process. In many cases, Gideon can completely replace long, friction-heavy intake forms with a simple conversation. 

Gideon requires contacting the company for a custom quote, which can be less transparent for budgeting. DocDraft’s straight forward pricingmodel provides immediate cost visibility, ensuring no surprises when managing expenses.

10. Lawgeex: 

LawGeex is an AI-powered contract review and management platform, aiming to streamline contract management processes, reduce manual effort, and improve efficiency for legal teams, particularly in mid-sized to large enterprises across various industries. 

LawGeex uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically review and analyze contracts, identifying potential risks, deviations from standard language, and areas of concern. 

To get accurate pricing information, potential clients would need to contact LawGeex directly for a custom quote based on their specific requirements and contract volume. LawGeex’s custom pricing requires direct consultation for a quote. DocDraft offers a more transparent and affordable per-document fee, making it accessible to a wider range of legal professionals seeking efficient document drafting solutions.


Integrating AI tools into legal practice is essential for staying competitive in today’s fast-paced legal environment. While there are many excellent AI tools available, DocDraft stands out for its affordability, comprehensive document drafting capabilities, and unique client acquisition features. Visit DocDraft.ai to learn more about how DocDraft can enhance your legal practice and streamline your workflow.

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